Kean = Anti-2nd Amendment

Our Constitution enshrines the right of every person to keep and bear arms to defend themselves and their families. Tom Kean has repeatedly undermined Americans’ Second Amendment rights.

His record speaks for itself.

Kean voted YES to criminalize owning or transporting a firearm that isn’t registered with a federally licensed manufacturer. S3897

Kean voted YES to introduce “firearms purchaser identification cards” in order to better facilitate state firearm confiscations. A4218

Kean voted YES to impose new firearm attachment restrictions. S3477

Kean voted YES to criminalize discrete firearms, a proven self-defense option. S2465

Kean voted YES to a new firearm law, which would “take first, ask questions later”, and require people to defend themselves before the courts in order to have their firearms returned. A1181

Kean voted YES to adopt Washington’s restrictions on the chemical makeup of handgun ammunition. A2759

Kean voted YES to establish a statewide gun buyback program. A2374

When Kean had a chance to stand up for our Second Amendment rights, he REFUSED TO VOTE NO on strengthening the assault weapons ban and requiring background checks for all gun sales (including gun show sales). SCR111

Kean voted YES to PROHIBIT private gun sales. A2757

Kean voted YES to seize firearms on a simple accusation. A1217

Kean voted YES to add harsher punishments into New Jersey’s gun laws in order to fall in line with the Left’s firearm agenda and receive Federal government grant money. A11

Kean voted YES to circumvent and effectively disallow courts from expunging mental health commitments, effectively chilling New Jerseyans Second Amendment rights. S568

Kean voted YES and signed onto the Leftist propaganda against Second Amendment rights, approving a “Gun Violence Awareness Day.” SJR41

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