Kean = Big Government Obamacare

Obamacare has been an unmitigated disaster—healthcare is more expensive, there are fewer options available, and it’s lower quality than ever before. Tom Kean champions Obamacare in New Jersey and has taken every step he can to expand the government at the expense of our health and our wallets.

His record speaks for itself.

Kean voted YES to urge Congress to spend $1.6 billion and $30 million annually on the $340 billion dollar drug program. SCR175

Kean voted to EXPAND Obamacare to provide abortion procedures, and re-instated Obamacare mandates in 2019—effectively increasing profits for abortion clinics and raising Medicare costs for everyone. A5248

Kean voted YES to expand Obamacare, push unilateral enrollment on eligible New Jerseyans, and proactively seek out new people to enroll. S3238

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