Kean = Critical Race Theory

Critical Race Theory goes beyond basic historical facts — it teaches our children a divisive and dangerous idea about race that undermines “justice for all”. Tom Kean has been actively pushing it into our schools.

His record speaks for itself.

Kean voted YES to EXPAND woke Critical Race Theory consulting in New Jersey schools. S3817

Kean voted YES to REMOVE parents’ consent requirements for special evaluations. S454

Kean voted YES to require schools and universities to set specific goals to fulfill diversity quotas based on race for faculty and students. S2793

Kean passed and re-authorized New Jersey’s Critical Race Theory mandate, the Amistad Commission, to push the divisive, radical ideology of the Left into our schools. In fact, he is a “proud member” of the Amistad Commission—an inspiration for the 1619 Project. A1301

Kean voted YES to fund awards for teachers who have shown “commitment” to teaching Critical Race Theory in the classroom. S3654

Kean voted YES to require all teachers to complete a course on “culturally responsive teaching”. S2834

When Kean had the opportunity to keep teachers focused on educating children instead of perpetuating cultural responsive training, he REFUSED TO VOTE. S2827

Kean has been pushing Critical Race Theory into our police departments.

Kean voted YES to require police departments to provide cultural diversity training and develop a race quota action plan. S419

Kean voted YES to require police officers to take woke racial bias tests before serving in order to draw out “unconscious or stereotypes that affect our understanding” of race, even as the nation faces a policing shortage and record-high crime. S2590

Kean voted YES to subject our police departments to racial composition analyses. S2765

Even our healthcare workers aren’t immune to Tom Kean’s woke agenda.

Kean REFUSED TO VOTE when he had the opportunity to protect healthcare professionals from mandatory Critical Race Theory training. S703

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