Kean = Green New Deal

Woke businesses have been using the narrative of climate change to fatten their pockets for years. Tom Kean has spent buckets of New Jerseyeans’ hard-earned money to push radical social activism and enrichen his corrupt corporate friends.

His record speaks for itself.

Kean voted YES to increase development and housing costs for all New Jerseyans by mandating electric vehicle charging stations and green “Renewable” energy bills. We already have limited housing options, and home prices are continuing to rise. These bills are contributing to already sky-high housing costs. S349, S2252, A3723

Kean voted YES to sign off on New Jersey’s updated “Global Warming Response Act.” S3207

Kean voted YES to implement the “California Low Emission Vehicle program,” the “California zero emission vehicle requirements,” and to hand out tax credits for “green” vehicles. S3295

Kean voted YES to give tax cuts to people who install wi-fi thermostats. S3065

Kean voted YES to spend taxpayer money on expensive plug-in charging stations in New Jersey Turnpike rest areas. S2782

Kean voted YES to pay for “energy audits” and low-interest loans for businesses to renovate towards energy efficiency. A943

Kean voted YES to spend over $1.94 billion in taxpayer dollars to subsidize “environmental infrastructure.” A4528

Kean voted YES to give taxpayer money via tax credits to “Green Building and Infrastructure” corporations. S2121

Kean voted NO against employing an incinerator for critical waste infrastructure. S872

Kean voted YES to put New Jersey’s public land under the review and certification of an international organization—without taxpayer oversight and to prohibit new cutting in forests. S1085

Kean voted YES to require taxpayers to subsidize “green technology” for New Jersey boat manufacturers. S1209

Kean voted YES to burdensome residential development project regulations which disincentivize new housing in New Jersey, sending already high rental prices through the roof. S1

Kean voted YES to spend taxpayer dollars on expensive, frivolous, and ineffective offshore wind farms along with tax handouts for their developers. S2036

Kean voted to PROHIBIT natural gas energy development in New Jersey, effectively killing an entire proven sector of the economy that has sent good-paying New Jerseyean jobs to other states. S2576

Kean voted YES to provide taxpayer-backed, low-interest loans to “green” developers. A2215

Kean voted to RAISE public debt for “environmental infrastructure”. A2929

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