Kean = Pro-Choice

Protecting the most vulnerable is our sacred duty. But Tom Kean doesn’t defend life and has consistently voted to expand abortion in New Jersey.

His record speaks for itself.

Kean voted YES to increase Medicaid abortions and family planning. A4604

Kean voted YES to FUND Planned Parenthood through taxpayer-based subsidies. A5248

When Kean had the opportunity to restrict abortion by supporting Supreme Court nominees that would allow states to decide their own abortion laws, he REFUSED TO VOTE. SR96

Kean SUPPORTED stem cell research and opposed Republican efforts to forbid people from using aborted fetal cells. S2913

“In the State Senate, I supported stem cell research [...]. I opposed President Bush's veto of the federal stem cell legislation and, in the Senate, will work to bring the hope and promise that stem cell research offers.”

Hall Institute N.J. Senate Virtual Debate. Sep 2, 2006

Kean voted YES to fund Planned Parenthood and increase the profits for the abortion clinic in New Jersey. A2795

Kean REFUSED TO VOTE against a commemoration of Roe v. Wade SCR78

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