Kean = Woke on Gender

The differences between males and females should be respected in law, including protecting safety and security for women and preserving competitive venues for them to excel in athletics. Tom Kean consistently attacks women’s spaces and pushes radical, untested woke policies in New Jersey.

His record speaks for itself.

Kean voted YES to force New Jersey organizations to allow men into women’s locker rooms, showers, and private spaces. S3067

Kean voted YES to empower bureaucrats to decide if price differences between services or goods provided to a specific gender are discriminatory. (Examples: toys marketed to boys/girls, men’s/women’s haircuts, dry cleaning or laundry for men’s/women’s clothing, etc.). S2039

Kean voted YES to designate an annual “Transgender Awareness Week”, AJR139 and YES on to establish a “Transgender Day of Remembrance.” AJR140

Kean voted YES to remove private and secure spaces for women in elder care facilities. S2545

Kean voted YES to prohibit health professionals from administering medicine with one’s biological gender in mind, putting wokeness before science and patients’ health at risk. S3813

Kean voted YES to establish a taxpayer-backed “Transgender Equality Task Force” full of woke consultants and ideologues who have a direct impact on New Jersey’s health care, education, housing, and employment law. A705

Kean voted YES to support federal laws which would squash religious and artistic rights in favor of a leftist understanding of LGBTQ rights. SJR55

Kean voted YES to prohibit health insurers from refusing gender transition procedures and health care services provided solely to a specific sex. A4568

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