Kean = Corrupt, Elitist, and WRONG for New Jersey

Tom Kean - as demonstrated by his long record - is not a conservative by any sense of the word. He is pro-big spending, pro-regulation, and has consistently been given failing scores from conservative watchdog groups while receiving surprisingly high scores and accolades from Leftist groups. His votes make him responsible for businesses leaving New Jersey for Texas or China, dozens of failed public projects that wasted our tax dollars, and a multitude of leftist wishlist policies that passed our legislature. He’s bad business and WRONG for New Jersey!

His record speaks for itself.


Kean voted YES to permit minors to give sole consent for mental illness or emotional disorders. This treatment would be completely confidential which means no parent or guardian could be contacted about it. A3435

Kean voted YES to support the education unions and give them power over arbitration, making it nearly impossible to remove incompetent teachers. S1455

And then when the program wasn’t working, Kean voted YES to massively increase spending on education union arbitrators. A4608

Kean voted YES to allow New Jersey schools boards to circumvent voter approval of their budgets. S1328

Kean voted NO to allowing homeschool, charter, and nonpublic school students to participate in high school athletics. S3447

Bad for our economy

Kean voted AGAINST cutting taxes and reduced the amount that school districts, counties, and cities could unilaterally raise annually. S29

Kean voted to SPEND TAXPAYERS’ MONEY to bailout and subsidize corporations of the New Jersey’s establishment—fancy health foods, historic properties, and the film and wind industries. A4

Instead of lowering taxes to promote growth, Kean voted YES to give unelected bureaucrats the power to distribute taxpayer dollars to businesses that they deem would be a “benefit” to their community, allowing the government to pick winners and losers. A3353

Kean voted YES to require New Jersey to ask unions for oversight whenever the state establishes a subcontractor contract for a service that may overlap with union labor. S2932

Kean OPPOSES expanding New Jersey’s petroleum industry that will add good paying jobs to New Jersey’s economy. SR29, A839, SCR150

No spine

Kean voted YES to give taxpayer money via tax credits to off-track betting facilities. S2078

Kean voted YES to give an exception to tolls for Casino buses. S2050


Kean voted YES to expand senseless regulatory oversight, requiring licenses for drama and dance therapists, A1220, and licenses for pool and spa builders. A3772

Kean voted YES to meddle in private car sales, prohibiting buyers from waiving burdensome state-ran vehicle testing. S437

Kean voted YES to regulate contractors, requiring home improvement contractors to wear state-issued identification badges. S2363

Kean voted YES to create yet another expensive government oversight committee, further bureaucratizing New Jersey’s sluggish healthcare system and creating an unchecked system for burdensome regulations. A314

Kean’s Ratings on the issues

The American Conservative Union (ACU) gave Kean a 50% rating in 2017, 62% in 2018, and 57.5% in 2019 (79% in 2020 after Kean started  “cleaning up” his record in preparation for this congressional run). He has voted against the ACU over 50 times.

American For Prosperity gave Kean an “F” in 2014 and another in 2018.

Ivoter does NOT score Kean as a conservative, he’s labeled as a “Moderate”

Kean received a 43% approval from Planned Parenthood. He is one of the highest rated Republicans in either Senate or Assembly.

Tom Kean first ended up in office – NOT because he was ELECTED by the people, but because he was SELECTED by the establishment – first in 2001 to the NJ Assembly, and again in 2003 to the NJ Senate.